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Every couple who intends to become married in the state of Michigan must obtain a marriage license in order for the marriage to be legally recognized. Your wedding Minister can not legally obtain your marriage license for you.
Residents of Michigan
who are getting married in the state of Michigan may obtain their marriage license at any county they wish to, whether it is the county of residence OR the county of the ceremony location.
Out of state residents
who are getting married in the state of Michigan must obtain their marriage license in the county where the wedding will take place. Regardless of residency, the State of Michigan requires there be two (2) witnesses whom are 18 years of age or older to sign on your marriage license. Brides are to sign their marriage license in their married name - the name they intend to use after the wedding.
WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: Please contact your county clerk's office for their requirements. Please contact the county clerk's office where you intend to obtain your marriage license at and ask what their requirements are as each county may have differences.
STEPS TO NAME CHANGES ON DRIVER'S LICENSES, SOCIAL SECURITY, ETC. Each couple receives a duplicate copy of their marriage license after the wedding ceremony. Although the duplicate also has all the original signatures, in order to legally change your name with most government entities a certified copy of the license which has been recorded will be needed. Contact the county where you obtained your license at to inquire about obtaining such a copy. Generally the county will ask you to allow about ten days after the ceremony before inquiring about the certified copy. Typically current insurance policies will only need the policyholder to add on the spouse to the policy, however please question your employer's human resources or the insurance company themselves directly as to what they require. Social Security has a rule that the bride must file an SS-5 form (a new application form showing change of name and /or marital status) within the fiscal year for tax purposes, (The SS-5 form should be filed, even if you are keeping your own name) along with an original proof of marriage. Social Security may take a while if you rely on the mail, so we always suggest you have another proof on hand. Check with Social Security first; ask if you physically bring it in, will they just quickly review your original proof and return it to you. Donít take a day off from work to go to the Motor Vehicle Bureau and any of the other places until you have an original marriage certificate in hand.
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