Common Questions

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Q. Do you require couples to attend classes or pre-marital counseling?
A. No, we do not require any classes for our couples. We are happy to offer any spiritual and/or pre-marital counseling if desired though.
Q. What faith are you?
 A. We are ordained non-denominational Ministers and are exceptionally respectful of all faiths. Reverend Debby would like to offer that she is of Christian faith.
Q. I am Catholic but my fiance is not. Different members of each of our families are very firm in their varied faiths and beliefs. Can you do a ceremony that is sensitive and respectful to both?
A. Absolutely! This is a very common situation in many of our ceremonies. No one has ever felt uncomfortable or slighted with any of our ceremonies, ever, no matter what their faith and belief was/is.
Q. Can we be married in a church?
A. Yes! We officiate your ceremony at the location of your choice. We ask that you get permission from that church's Pastor, or group. In the case of a historical, or State owned church, you will need to contact that appropriate entity. We have performed many weddings in many different churches.
Q. What is the procedure of booking you?
A. Contact the Wedding Minister for your area by phone or email to see if your date/time is available. After an initial consultation the bridal couple will decide on a ceremony (found on the "pricing" page). There is some simple paperwork to be filled out and returned to your Wedding Minister. Our ceremony fees are surprisingly low, and we offer unlimited availability, either by phone and/or email. A retainer of 50% is required in order to secure your date/time. Dates tend to book up quickly - we cannot suggest strongly enough that you secure your date and time asap.
Q. I am planning on getting married next year, should I retain your services so soon in advance?
A. That is a personal choice, however we have several Weddings that are booked and secured 1 and even 2 years in advance.
Q. When I inquired about retaining your services, you told me my date was available and you would pencil me in. What exactly does that mean?
A. We are so glad you asked! When a bridal couple inquires about a date/time that is open, we "pencil" them in. This means the bridal couple's ceremony is in the appointment book for a limited time until the retainer has been received which secures your date and time. Generally when a date/time is "penciled" in it remains in the appointment book for no longer then 2 weeks, after which the date and time is then open and available.
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