We Promise To make this as easy as possible for you! We offer our own unique Design-A-Vow CEREMONY PACKAGES. Each package offers your choice of ceremony, vows and wording that reflects your own love story. Rehearsals, Symbolic Unity ceremonies and/or Decorative Marriage Certificates are included separately or with select packages.

You made the smart choice with our exclusive Design-A-Vow


  • We have always found that bridal couples are not quite sure just what they want their wording to be for their wedding ceremony.....but they know that once they see it they will know it.

    As an answer and to streamline the process (and keep costs down)  Design-A-Vow was created.    Our bridal couples choose which ceremony package they feel 'speaks' to them  No one else in the industry offers this!
    Packages offer YOUR choice of ceremony, Matrimony Vows, Ring Exchanges, Symbolic Unity Ceremonies, rehearsals, decorative wedding certificate, and even a country church! As always we officiate your wedding at the location of your choice.

  • We are certain you will realize what a terrific option and value this is and we know how delighted each and every one of our bridal couples have been with this unique and exciting innovation.

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